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INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS FOR PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, FLOW, AND ELECTRICAL APPLICATIONS                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656 Temperature Regulators

Trerice Self-Operating Temperature Regulators

Trerice 91000 Series Self-Operating Temperature Regulators Ideal for the temperature control of industrial equipment, tanks and process streams. Self-operating design provides reliable performance under extreme conditions without the need for an external power source.

Available with 2-way and 3-way valves in sizes ranging from 1/8" reduced port to 6". Capillary systems and thermowells are available in a variety of materials.

Pneumatic Control Valves

Trerice Pneumatic Control Valves

Trerice 910 Series Compact Pneumatic Control Valve The Trerice 910 Series Pneumatic Control Valve offers high quality at an economical price, incorporating many features found only on more expensive units. Models are available to provide the proper flow response required by the application and are available in a variety of body materials including Bronze, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel.

Contractor Gauges

Trerice Contractor Gauges

Trerice Contractor Gauges Compact, dependable gauges used in water, wastewater, construction & HVAC applications.

Industrial Thermometers

Trerice Industrial Thermometers

Trerice Adjustrable Angle Industrial Thermometers
Recognized globally as the Trerice BX Industrial Thermometer, this is an instrument of extreme accuracy and rugged dependability. Available in scale sizes of 7" (AX9), 9" (BX9), & 12" (CX9), with a durable cast aluminum case, this universally adjustable, liquid-in-glass thermometer is the most widely specified instrument of its kind.                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656