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Titan Flow Control, WYE Strainers, Pipeline Strainers, Duplex Strainers Logo

Titan Flow Control is a high quality manufacturer of Check Valves, Pipeline Strainers, Pump Products, Fabricated Designs, and Pipeline accessories applicable to most industrial and commercial requirements. Titan Flow Control was established in the year 2000 by industry veterans with over 300 years of combined experience.

WYE Strainers Titan Flow Control YS54-AB Pipeline Y Strainer Model YS54-AB
Y Strainer
Aluminum Bronze
ANSI Class 150
Flanged Ends
Bolted Cover
Plugged Blow-off

Basket Type Strainers Titan Flow Control Basket StrainersModels BS85-CS & BS85-SS
Simplex Basket Strainers
Flanged Ends
ASME Class 150
Carbon & Stainless Steel
High Quality Design
Minimal Pressure Loss
Large Capacity Straining
Self-cleaning Option
Numerous Straining Element Options

Temporary Strainers Titan Flow Control Basket StrainersTemporary Cone & Basket (Witches Hat) Strainers are used for start up of new or revamped piping systems. They are designed to provide inexpensive protection for costly valves, pumps, meters, and other mechanical equipment.

Standard temporary strainer materials are stainless steel & carbon steel; however, other materials are also available.

Duplex Strainers Titan Flow Control Duplex Pipeline Strainers Models DS596-CS & SS, DS 696-CS & SS
Dual- Ball Diverter Design
Carbon & Stainless
Flanged & Threaded
Easy to Operate
Duplex Strainer
Three-Piece Body
Reduced In-line Maintenance
Silent Check Valves Titan Flow Control Silent Check Valves Model CV50-DI
Ductile Iron
Stainless steel & Bronze Trim
Silent Check Valve
Globe Type
Center Guided
Flanged Ends
Flat Face
Desinged for long service life

Inquire about Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                    281.240.1788 - 800.231.7174