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INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS FOR PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, FLOW, AND ELECTRICAL APPLICATIONS                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656 Pipeline Repair Products

Pipeline Repair Products

The M.B. Skinner Company was founded in 1898 in Chicago, IL. The first products offered were repair clamps needed by the oil and gas industries, mainly in refineries and oil and gas gathering operations.

The company has gone through many changes in the last 100 years, but still manufactures what we call the "Cadillac" clamps of the industry. Today the Skinner product line includes various pipeline repair clamps, service saddles, and drilling devices for the gas and water industry.

Pipe Repair Clamps Pipe Repair ClampsThe Skinner Company Emergency Pipeline Repair Clamp is used for repairing pit holes, splits and corrosion leaks in both steel and cast iron pipe lines. The repair clamp is totally effective under extreme pressure or temperature. For over 100 years, the Emergency Pipe Clamp has been the universal repair clamp worldwide. Extra Parts Cone PlugsThe Skinner Company offers extra cone plugs for narrow style clamps to seal pit holes and extra gaskets for wide style clamps to seal corrosion leaks.

Spare carriage bolts and ash hex nuts are also available.
Saddles & Joint Clamps Service Saddles, Saddle Tees, Pipe Joint ClampsThe Saddle Tee is recommended for installing garden gas lights, gas grills, automatic home laundries, and other appliances. It takes the place of a tee, union and nipple in one fixture. No pipe cutting or threading is necessary. With the Skinner-Seal Saddle Tee, the job becomes fast and simple installation costs are substantially reduced.                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656