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Manufacturer's Representative, Wholesale Distributor and Export Sales of Industrial, Oilfield and Utility Instruments and Controls Inquire about Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                281.240.1788 - 800.231.7174 Post Glover - formerly T&B Resistors

Post Glover-T&B Dynamic Braking Resistors


Post Glover - T&B Dynamic Braking ResistorsPost Glover has grown into the world's largest power resistor company, based on its industry leading positions in grounding solutions and dynamic braking resistors. Post Glover can be trusted to deliver cost-effective, reliable products to the marketplace.

Post Glover's factory in Erlanger, Kentucky integrates computer aided design and manufacturing with the industry's strongest engineering team for greater manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies. Post Glover continues to improve through Kaizen events, third party certifications and regular audits of our internal practices.

Post Glover prides itself on designing and manufacturing in accordance with all applicable standards, be they IEEE, ANSI, NEMA or IEC. Taking safety one step further, we offer the only UL listed high resistance grounding unit in the industry, as well as UL and CSA offerings in low resistance grounding resistors and dynamic braking resistors.

Inquire about Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                    281.240.1788 - 800.231.7174