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Anderson Greenwood - AGCO

Instrumentation Valves & Manifolds

The Anderson Greenwood brand, established more than 70 years ago, includes one of the most innovative and comprehensive portfolios of pressure management solutions in the world. The products are designed for gas, liquid, steam, and multiphase flow conditions in offshore oil and gas production, gas processing, refining, and petrochemical and chemical processing.

Hand Valves AGCO - Anderson Greenwood Hand Valves Anderson Greenwood hand valves are suitable for all instrument isolation duties, giving you bubble tight shut-off time after time. With metal or soft seats for gas, vapor or liquid applications, rated up to 10,000 psig (690 barg) and available in a range of standard and exotic materials there is a hand valve for even the most severe service. Pressure Manifolds AGCO - Anderson Greenwood Pressure Manifolds The range of pressure manifolds is suitable for all types of static pressure instruments from gauges to 'smart' pressure transmitters. Available for direct or remote mounting, the pressure manifolds enable isolation, calibration and venting in a single unit. Large Bore IntelliMount™ Systems AGCO - Anderson Greenwood  Large Bore IntelliMount™ direct mount manifold The Anderson Greenwood Large Bore IntelliMount™ direct mount manifold is the next generation of the ACCU-Mount® System for natural gas, liquid or steam measurement applications. Designed for close-coupling or remote mounting of differential pressure transmitters. The patented unique two-piece design allows removal of transmitter for calibration. The block module provides process isolation. Suitable for connection of Coplanar™ and biplanar style transmitters. Gauge Valves ACGO - Anderson Greenwood Gauge ValvesAnderson Greenwood gauge valves include multi-port and block and bleed styles suitable for gauge isolation, calibration and venting with a choice of either globe pattern or straight-thru bore designs. A wide choice of end connections and comprehensive range of standard gauge accessories allows complete flexibility for individual installations. Flow and Level Manifolds AGCO - Anderson Greenwood Flow and Level Manifolds Anderson Greenwood has the largest and most innovative range of 'differential pressure' flow and level manifolds available for every kind of D/P instrument. These include conventional three and five valve manifolds as well as purpose-designed models for special applications.

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