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INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS FOR PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, FLOW, AND ELECTRICAL APPLICATIONS                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656

Parker Skinner
Solenoid Valve Division

Parker Skinner Solenoid Valves

Parker Fluid Control Division (FCD) is a world-wide industry leader of solenoid valves that control motion, flow and pressure in a wide variety of applications in all markets. Since 1947, it has built a strong reputation as a recognized leader in solenoid valve technology and design – first as Skinner Valve Division, then with the addition of Lucifer Division (Geneva) in 1984, Gold Ring (Fluidex Division) in 1986 and SCEM (Italy) in 1989.

G7 Series Solenoid Valves Parker Skinner G7 Series Solenoid Valves

The Evolution of Gold Ring™ and Skinner®
Next-Generation 2-Way and 3-Way Solenoid Valves

G7 Series Mechanical Prefix Specifications

G7 Series Electrical Suffix Specifications

G7 Series IOMs

7000 Series Parker Skinner 7000 Series Solenoid Valves7000 Series products have been designed to offer customers the ultimate in performance, versatility and quality. Every valve is engineered for optimal operation, is constructed with modern machinery that uses stringent processes, and provides standard features not offered in any competitive line.

CNG Valves Parker Skinner CNG Compressed Natural Gas Valves Parker Fluid Control Division offers the high pressure, high flow, low leakage CNG natural gas valve. This product is designed for integration into compressed natural gas fuel delivery systems (ie trucks, buses, & etc) utilizing single and multi-tank applications.

Coils & Enclosures

Parker 316L Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Coil NEW

The 316L stainless steel explosion proof flameproof "d" coil is for oil and gas markets and other harsh environments. Reference 497105 is valid for Zone1/21 and is compatible with existing Parker Fluid Control Division V, F, X Series.


Parker Fluid Control Division offers several
ATEX coils designed for explosive
atmospheres to comply with European
directive 94/9/EC and standards IEC /
EN 60079 for gases and IEC / EN 61241
for dust. Coil marking complies with
the updated standards.                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656