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INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS FOR PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, FLOW, AND ELECTRICAL APPLICATIONS                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656 Palmer-Wahl Digi-Stem Digital Thermometers and Transmitter Systems

Wahl's Digi-Stem Thermometer and Transmitter Systems provide digital accuracy and reliability for temperature measurement in rugged industrial environments. A variety of rigid stems and remote interface connections accomodate most installations.

Palmer-Wahl Temp-Plate Temperature Recording Label

Temp-Plate irreversible temperature recording labels are economical, chemical change thermometers that instantly record an overheat occurrence and provide a permanent, NIST-traceable record which cannot be reversed. For applications where other surface temperature monitoring and recording methods are impractical, cost prohibitive or inaccurate.

Palmer-Wahl Temp-Plate Temperature Recording Label

Heat-Spy Monitor Infrared Sensors are designed for easy maintenance and high performance in harsh industrial environments. They offer quick and easy integrtion into process measurement and control systems for non-contact temperature measurement of non-metallic surfaces or painted, coated or anodized metals.

Palmer-Wahl Heat Spy Infrared Thermometers

Wahl Heat Spy non-contact infrared thermometers are for general purpose to handle specialized applications with portable, battery powered operation. The professional series has computer interface options, the compact model has laser sighting system and advanced features.

Palmer-Wahl Heat-Spy Imager HSI250, Thermal Imaging Unit

The Wahl Heat-Spy HSI250 thermal imaging unit is a handheld thermography camera used for many applications including quick scans of electrical components in industrial plants, and checking for overheating electric motor and pump bearing housings.                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656