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INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS FOR PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, FLOW, AND ELECTRICAL APPLICATIONS                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656 BGN-Flowmeters & Counters
    Kobold BGN - Flowmeters and CountersKobold Instruments

  • Full metal variable area flow measurement, monitoring, adjusting and control for liquids and gases
  • Ideal for processes under difficult or rough operating conditions
  • Wide variety of wetted materials
  • Magneto-resistive signal transmission
Compact Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter

    Kobold MIK - Compact Magneto-Inductive FlowmeterKobold Instruments
  • No moving parts in the flow body
  • Low pressure loss
  • Universal Mounting
  • High quality at a low price
  • Flow monitoring, flow measuring, batching and totalizing for machine building, chemical industries, paper industries, automobile indust ries, cement industries and laboratories

Ultrasonic Compact Flowmeter
    Kobold Model DUK - Ultrasonic Compact FlowmeterKobold Instruments
  • Highly repeatable
  • Small pressure loss
  • For measuring, monitoring, metering and batching low viscosity liquids in machine building, automotive, robotics, cooling and hot water applications

Automatic Flow Regulating Valve
    Kobold REG - Automatic Flow Regulating ValveKobold Instruments
  • Brass or stainless steel construction available
  • Universal mountability
  • Passively activated
  • Compact design
  • Temperature max: 572°F
  • Pressure max: 2900psig

DUC-Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters
    Kobold Model PAS - Heavy Duty Pressure TransmittersKobold Instruments
  • Power Plants: Cooling Water, District Heating, Pump Protection, Condensate and Boiler Feedwater Measurements
  • Water and Waste-Water Industry: Treatment Plant Inflow, Treatment Plant Outflow, Drinking Water Networks, Verification of Water Meters, Pump Protection, Distribution and Consumption Measurements, Leakage Detection
  • Facility Management: Hot and Cold Water, Cooling Systems and Air Conditioning Systems, Optimization of Energy Efficiency, Pump Control, Optimization of Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Food and Beverage: Correct Hygienic Measurement of Media, Heat Volume Measurement in Energy Supply

PAS-Heavy Duty Pressure Transmitter
    Kobold Model PAS - Heavy Duty Pressure TransmittersKobold Instruments
  • Microprocessor based high performance transmitter, which has a scalable pressure calibration and output signal
  • Automatically compensates for ambient temperature & process variables
  • Data configuration with HART® configurator
  • Continuous self-diagnostic function

Paddle Wheel Flow Sensors
    Kobold DF - Paddle Wheel Flow SensorsKobold Instruments
  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to install, no straight runs required
  • Body material options: brass, stainless, Trogamid®, polysulfone or polypropylene
  • 7 different material combinations available
  • Up to 3,000psig Working Pressure (200 bar)
  • Electronic options: frequency, analog, relay, totalizer, and/or batch controllers with digital displays                                   Get Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                           281.240.1788  |    f:281.240.0656