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Manufacturer's Representative, Wholesale Distributor and Export Sales of Industrial, Oilfield and Utility Instruments and Controls Inquire about Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                281.240.1788 - 800.231.7174 ISSC-Kanson Electronics

ISSC - Kanson Electronics

Industrial Control Products

ISSC ProductsSince their business began in 1979, Kanson Electronics has developed innovative solutions for specific contract assembly problems. Over the years, this dedication, combined with honesty, experience and one-on-one personalized service has lead the way to continuous growth in the electronics industry.

With an outstanding reputation for providing quality products at competitive prices, ISSC is now an established, reliable supplier for both small and large businesses. Today, in their 25,000 square foot manufacturing center in Hohenwald, Tennesee, this dedication to excellence continues.

Timers and Detectors Solid State TimerISSC/Kanson Electronics offers a wide variety of Solid State Timers, Resistance Detectors, Motion Detectors and Control Components for industrial and utility applications. Electronic Proximity Sensors Flow TransmitterISSC manufactures their line of sensors using the latest electronic technology to create the highest levels of reliability, repeatability, durability and miniaturization. The impermeable, resin filled casings make the sensors particularly suitable for operation in very harsh environments. According to operating principle, electronic proximity sensors can be categorized by inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and magnetic effect.

Inquire about Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                    281.240.1788 - 800.231.7174