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ElectroSwitch Corporation
Switches and Relays for Power Industry

Utility SwitchesElectroswitch is on the Qualified Supplier List of most major equipment manufacturers in the United States. Whatever the application, you will either find a standard switch to precisely match it or a special switch can be designed and tested to meet the needs of your application.

Electroswitch offers the widest variety of switches and relays available in the power industry today. A choice of manual, remotely operated or SCADA operated products, snap-action and cam-action switches as well as system products are offered to enhance power industry automation projects.

Control Switches Control SwitchesElectroswitch offers a wide variety of Rotary Instrument and Control Switches designed specifically to satisfy the most stringent requirements of Substation Automation, Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution systems. In fact, they offer the world's most complete, tested, and proven line of rotary switches available today. Control Switch Relays Control Switch RelaysControl Switch Relays (CSR) combine the function of a control switch with a remote controlled solenoid allowing one device to do both the manual and supervisory control function in the control of power circuit breakers. They eliminate the need to redesign substations for redundant separate relays when manual substations convert to supervisory control. CSRs look, act, and feel identical to a control switch. Latching Switch Relays Latching Switch RelaysThe electrical power industry has a great variety of requirements for latching type auxiliary relays to provide maintained contacts, both N/C and N/O. The Latching Switch Relay (LSR) is a two position rotary action relay that provides control of up to 20 N/O and 20 N/C contacts in a single device. It is a manually or remotely operated unit used for a variety of applications; latching relay, reclosing relay, programming relay, and local/remote switch that is SCADA compatible. Annunciator Target Relays Annunciator Target RelayThe Series ATR is a solid state Annunciator Target Relay designed for use in a variety of utility applications. It provides a highly visible LED indication of a trip operation and activates other equipment within the system such as alarms, LORs, and other relay devices. It is less sensitive to shock and vibration than electromechanical devices and is also dramatically smaller. A traditional three hole mount configuration makes installation simple. Lock-out Relays Lock-Out RelaysThe Lock-Out Relay plays a pivotal role in the most crucial utility applications. In an emergency, Lock-Out Relay performance can spell the difference between a routine outage and the destruction of expensive equipment. Protect your system and safeguard your personnel with the industry standard for safety and reliability. Time Delay Control Switch Relay Series TD-CSR Time Delay Control Switch RelayThe Time Delay Control Switch Relay (TD-CSR) provides an Arc Flash Safe method of Local Breaker Control that does not require SCADA. The TD-CSR expands the functionality of the field proven CSR design to include a new Time Delay Feature. Two front panel mounted push buttons are integrated into the lighted nameplate package. This provides the ability to manually initiate a time delayed breaker trip or close operation. Flashing of the appropriate LED alerts the operator of a pending trip or close operation to allow adequate time to evacuate the "Arc Flash" area. The TD-CSR is available with all of the features and options of the standard CSR. The lighted nameplate includes local LED indication, a remote SCADA contact alarm, and a single or dual trip coil monitoring option. Tagging Relays Tagging RelayElectroswitch Tagging Relays allow remote or manual circuit breaker operation for automated power distribution. They feature an eye-catching orange "Warning" hot line tag ensuring personnel safety in compliance with utility requirements. Major applications include expanded SCADA systems beyond substations to distribution feeders; automated reclosure cut-off; and optimal breaker control schemes with improved service reliability. Selector Switch Relays Selector Switch RelaySelector Switch Relays (SSR) is an auxiliary relay that combines electrical and manual operation in a single unit for multiposition applications. Basically a unidirectional (CCW) stepping switch, the SSR can be used in any 2 to 8 position application. The selector switch relay is ideally suited for tapswitch applications or any other multiposition application where simple or complicated contacting is used.

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