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Catalytic Heaters

Catalytic Heater
Catalytic Heater Company, CATCO, manufactures catalytic heaters and related products for industrial applications.

Using catalytic technology, propane, natural gas or other hydrocarbon gas is converted to flameless infrared heat. Because they operate at a relatively low temperature (approximately 800° F), they are often used in hazardous or potentially hazardous environments. The heaters that are certified by Canadian Standards Association and by Factory Mutual.

A number of heater sizes are available, from 1,500 to 60,000 btus and can be ordered through BriceBarclay.

Heaters Catalytic Heaters
  • Heating pressure reducing valves where there are potential freezing problems
  • Heating gas streams going to pilot operated valves & instrumentation
  • Space heating in hazardous locations
  • Portable & temporary work station heating
  • Oven & process heating (drying operations, paint curing operations)
Heater Enclosure Packages

Prevent freezing in "Big Joe" and "Little Joe" type regulators safely and efficiently with CATCO enclosure packages.

Prevent freezing in small capacity, high pressure regulators exposed to high pressure drops.

Prevent freezing in variable and fixed orifice flow control valves such as Merla, Tejas and other chokes.

The most cost effective and efficient way to prevent freezing in Kimray, Fisher, Norriseal and other motor valves.

Accessories & Parts Heater Accessories
  • Wall brackets
  • Thermostats
  • Face Grilles
  • Reflectors
  • Starting cables
  • Replacement pads
  • High & low pressure regulators
  • Explosion proof junction boxes
  • Fuel gas filters & drip pots

The low temperature shutoff valve and thermocouple are common accessories seen on catalytic heaters. This overview discusses how they function and how to determine if they are beneficial to your application.

IOMs & Troubleshooting

Installation instructions and general operating procedures for CATCO heaters. Includes piping diagram and electrical connection information.

Installation and operation guidelines for using thermostats with catalytic heaters in space heating applications.

Helpful steps for diagnosing and solving common problems seen in the operation of catalytic heaters.

Las instrucciones de instalación y los procedimientos generales de operación para calentadores CATCO. Incluye diagrama de tuberías y la conexión eléctrica.

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