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Arga Controls
Battery Voltage /Ground Meter / Alarm Relays

Stationary Battery Monitor The battery monitor from Arga Controls is a breakthrough in ground fault detection. This full battery voltage/ground meter/alarm relay automatically indicates the instant a ground occurs. The optional hand-held ground fault locator finds the exact location of that ground, no matter where it is in the line.

This highly accurate DC voltage meter relay provides voltage readings of battery, + or - BUS to ground, and ground fault voltages for protection of the essential BUS. The ground fault relays indicate the ground anywhere in the system, whether on the " + " or the "-" side. Over/Under Voltage relays are provided. Fail safe operation of the under voltage relay operates correctly down to zero volts. Time delay, which can be set from 5 to 60 seconds, is provided to avoid nuisance alarms.


A single DC ground is not particularly destructive, however, a second ground can shut down the system. This seriously jeopardizes the integrity of facilities that rely on battery systems to power generation/distribution and multilevel communications. The Arga Battery Monitor system can't stop grounds from happening, but it can totally eliminate any system threat from these faults by sensing and locating the fault, thus allowing immediate correction.

Knowing the history of system voltage changes is also an excellent tool for easier maintenance. The accuracy of the digital or analog output for trend information provided by this monitor allows a traceable history file on all battery system activity. When used for trend analysis, accurate predictions of failures is implemented. When used in the latching mode, faults in the system are held in memory.


Programming the meter relay is simple. LED lights indicate the range being shown. Alarms, Time Delay, Reset, and Limit Settings are all easily set by removing the front panel, which can be safely done while the power is on. Set Limits are displayed while programming. Digital or Analog outputs are also available for SCADA.

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