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ARi Industries
Thermocouples & RTDs

             ARi Industries, Okazaki Manufacturing
ARi Industries Thermocouples, and RTDs - Resistance Temperature Detectors Since 1952, ARi Industries Inc. has been recognized as a leader in the manufacture of precision thermocouples and other temperature measurement devices. ARi Industries is an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility which specializes in the design of thermocouples, RTDs, mineral insulated cable, and other accessories.

The product line has been used extensively in the aerospace, nuclear, semiconductor, aviation, and automotive industries, as well as many others. ARi manufactures all thermocouples using AerOpak® - compacted, M.I. (mineral insulated) cable. Use of AerOpak® provides high insulation resistance and a greater degree of compaction, resulting in longer life and less maintainance when compared with typical thermocouple cable.

In addition to the many standard designs available in stock, ARi can readily custom manufacture any thermocouples, and RTDs to many non-standard lengths and diameters to suit your specific application requirements.

Inquire about Your OEM or Resale Price Today!                    281.240.1788 - 800.231.7174